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Custom Window Treatments & Bedding

  1. Title 5
  2. Alluring Sunroom
  3. Elegant Living
  4. Transitional Bathroom
  5. Title 8
  6. Title 9
  7. Title 10

Quality Window-coverings

  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Custom Draperies
  • Custom Bedding
  • Motorized Treatments
  1. Title 8
    Title 8
  2. Hand Beaded Rosette
    Hand Beaded Rosette
  3. Title 10
    Title 10
  4. Title 12
    Title 12
  5. Title 13
    Title 13
  6. Totally Teen
    Totally Teen
  7. Custom Cushion
    Custom Cushion
  8. Magnificent Master Bath
    Magnificent Master Bath
  9. With a view
    With a view
  10. With a view
    With a view
  11. With a view
    With a view
  12. With a view
    With a view
  13. Casual Cottage
    Casual Cottage
  14. Pillows
  15. Metallic Modern
    Metallic Modern
  16. Fine Dining
    Fine Dining
  17. Sunroom
  18. Hawthorne Creek Homes
    Hawthorne Creek Homes
  19. Sun Porch in Style
    Sun Porch in Style
  20. Hawthorne Creek Homes
    Hawthorne Creek Homes
  21. Allure Shades
    Allure Shades
  22. Fine Dining
    Fine Dining
  23. Hawthorne Creek Homes
    Hawthorne Creek Homes
  24. Alluring Sunroom
    Alluring Sunroom
  25. Lake Living
    Lake Living
  26. Hawthorne Creek Homes
    Hawthorne Creek Homes
  27. Title 28
    Title 28
  28. Title 29
    Title 29
  29. Title 30
    Title 30
  30. Title 31
    Title 31
  31. Traditional Southern Charm
    Traditional Southern Charm
  32. Traditional southern charm
    Traditional southern charm
  33. Title 34
    Title 34
  34. Title 35
    Title 35
  35. Sitting Room
    Sitting Room
  36. Title 37
    Title 37
  37. Farmhouse Kitchen
    Farmhouse Kitchen
  38. Title 39
    Title 39
  39. Title 40
    Title 40
  40. Dreamy Bedroom
    Dreamy Bedroom
  41. Kids Fun.
    Kids Fun.
  42. Title 43
    Title 43
  43. Pretty as a peacock.
    Pretty as a peacock.
  44. Title 45
    Title 45
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Satisfied Customers

Candice (Tish) of Living Spaces has done many jobs for me over the last 8 years. She has great ideas, great follow through, does excellent work, and is fun to have around. I have been very pleased with all the projects she has completed for me -- from blinds to curtains to painting to decorating, and I highly recommend her!!

Lisa Langston

Satisfied ​Customers

When we moved into our house the walls were a lovely contractor grade white. After months of being unhappy with them but not knowing how to go about picking color, I contacted Candice. She helped me pick color's for every room in my house....then I went to work & so did she. It was so awesome to come home to a house that now fit our personalities!! And the best part was that I didn't have to touch a paint brush! 
Next up was custom drapes for all the upstairs rooms. We made a trip to the fabric store and picked beautiful fabrics to go with the newly painted walls. The quality of drapes that Candice made for our home is phenomenal. After picking fabrics, she gave me drawings of what she was planning for each room. They turned out better than I ever expected. I could not be happier with the quality of work that Candice & Living Spaces provided.


Rachelle Scott

Satisfied ​Customers
Candice is a wealth of knowledge! She provides much more than great interior decorating! She loves a challenge and strives to figure out the best solution for her clients; whether it be luxury, middle of the road or economy window treatments. She works around the clients schedule and their budget constraints. She recently provided all of our window treatments ranging from the formal living room to the garage. Living spaces is a One Stop Shop for Window Treatments, they represent many manufacturers for every budget. Candice is great at returning calls, being prepared and punctual to meetings and challenging the manufacturers to make something work for her clients. Lastly, Candice has a great personality, is easy to work with, and goes to bat for her clients.​


Robert Browning