Living Spaces

Custom Window Treatments & Bedding

About Us
​My name is Candice Dingman. I am one of Southwest Missouri’s premier interior decorators. Some wonder how I came to find this profession, and the answer is - it found me. 

After graduating from college 20 years ago with a degree in media production, I had high ambitions. I wanted to set the media world on fire, revolutionize TV, and become famous. Revolutionizing TV was not going to happen in Springfield, and I worked two extra jobs while working during my time in media to make a living. One day, my boss pulled me aside and told me that I was so much more than what I was currently doing and encouraged me to go out and find my greatness. I quit my job two days before Christmas that year to go find my greatness. For about 6 months I took on random jobs; I worked at a wallpaper store, a furniture store, and with the help of do it yourself books, I taught myself how to do just about any skill needed to remodel a home.  

Upon completion of three rounds of remodeling our home in three years, my husband told me: “you need to go out and do ‘all of this’ (imagine arms waving in the air) for everyone else.” So I printed up business cards, told all my friends to tell their friends, and put myself out there. That was 15 years ago. For the last 15 years, I have worked out of my home office and made customs drapes, custom bedding, and custom decorative pillows for a variety of clientele in the Southwest Missouri area and beyond. I have painted, textured, and wallpapered walls. I have designed and constructed rooms. I love my job. I love creating and constructing. It is my passion. And if someone has an idea, I do everything in my power to make it a reality.  

They say that history repeats itself, and once again it has. After long consideration and my husband encouraging me and cheering me on, finding a good location, and getting my ducks in a row; I took the bull by the horns and started running. We have taken up residency in our first brick and mortar location. Living Spaces has an official home away from my home! I hope you will come visit our new location and allow us to serve all of your home design needs.
Meet The Team
I have always been a one woman show as far as my company goes.  But sometimes there are things I don't do, and for that I have a great selection of professionals who can handle those tasks.   As for now Living Spaces is growing.